Thursday, November 1, 2007

Family reunions ain't what they used to be

I attended the "receiving of friends" for one of my first cousins once removed (Daddy's first cousin) this past Sunday at the funeral home. I saw kin-folk that I haven't seen in more than five years (not sure how much more but more none the less). It was good to see them but bad to have kin-folk die in order to get together. Even if he is in a better place it's a poor excuse to get together. We used to have a family reunion every year on Mother's Day at the "old home place" where my Grandmother grew up in Jonesville. She had two old maid sisters that still lived there until they both got to where they couldn't stay by themselves. The oldest was over 100 years old when we stopped having the reunions. I can't remember the year but it must have been around the turn of the century. Imagine that, being able to say you've seen two turn of the centuries, WOW. Anyway, it's sad that in this modern world we live where you can go to anyplace in the country in the morning, conduct your business and be home for supper, that we allow our families to grow apart. I sure do miss the slow pace of the "good ole days" and family reunions


Jessi said...

You need to add some pictures!

Robin said...

I would but someone has my camera.