Friday, January 18, 2008

Global Warming

There must be something to this global warming thing. I can remember when I was a kid growing up in Startex that we would have at least two, some years more, good snows. I mean GOOD SNOWS that would be 6 inchs or more and stay on the ground for days. The snow flakes would look like sheets of kleenex falling. We'd be out of school several days each time it snowed. Back then there were a lot of kids on the "mill hill" that were my age give or take a year or two. We'd all meet up at the school with our sleds or saucers and go sledding down the hill beside the gym. A lot of times we'd go on down to Danny and Keith Dobbins' house and either sled or slide on a saucer or cookie sheet, (Mama really liked that), down the steep hill beside their house. They also found a hood off of a 1940 Ford out in the woods beside their house that we used to slide on. We could load up 8 or 10 kids on that thing and fly down that hill. A couple of problems with that was getting it back up the hill once you got to the bottom and you couldn't steer that thing. We wound up in the creek on more than one occasion. Sometimes we'd move on down to Main St in front of the Post Office and sled down across the old bridge. You could go so fast that you had to bail out before you hit the wall on the other side of the river. The last really good snow we got was in January of 1988 when it snowed 13 inches and was on the ground a couple of weeks. We were living the rock house on Spartanburg Rd in Duncan near the "Dan Bridges Bridge". We coulod start up on top of the bridge and sled all the way down to the railroad trussel next to Lyman. The snows we get now are more ice than snow and aren't really any good for sledding. Most of the time it's only about an inch and it's gone by the next afternoon.

Today's kids are really missing out on the good times we had before "Global Warming".


Rebel Fan said...

OMG! I was just thinking the same thing after "dodging two bullets” within a week. Notice that is what the Channel 7 weather-persons say when they predict a snow wrong. When we were real little, they didn’t prognosticate snow for a week ahead; we just woke up one morning and there it was. Daddy would be out in it cussing while putting chains on the old white Ford to drive to Spartanburg to the mill. And we didn’t have to go to school. Was it was our junior or senior year at BHS when it snowed every Wednesday for three weeks? We’d go back to school and it’d snow the next day. That was wonderful. I could stay out from dawn till dark back then. It’s amazing we didn’t get frost bite. I don’t venture past the carport when it shows now.

I’ve enjoyed your blog this evening. Keep doing it. But put some pictures in like Jessi said.

Robin said...

Still haven't quite figured out the picture thing yet but I will eventually.
I think it was our senior year but gosh that's been a long time now and sometime I can't remember what I had for lunch!!