Thursday, December 25, 2008

Are You Ready?

It was time for the census to be done so there were thousands of people in town. Not a single motel in town had a vacancy. Every one of them had their "No Vacancy" signs lit up but mine. I had told my wife to turn it on but as she was going to take care of that Mr. Johnson called from room 201 saying he needed towels so it didn't get turned on right away.

When they came in I had to tell them we didn't have any rooms. It made me feel real bad once I saw that the young lady was pregnant. They mentioned that mine was the only motel in town that didn't have the "No" lit up in front of the vacancy sign so they were hoping that they could get a room. I apologized for the misunderstanding but still I felt bad for them. The only thing I could think of was to offer them a stable out back in our petting zoo that we had as a tourist attraction for kids that were visiting town. It wouldn't be real warm but at least the roof of the barn would keep the snow off of them. I gave them plenty of blankets to make beds and to knock some of the chill off and some pillows. They were a very understanding couple and took me up on my offer. Since I felt so bad for them I only charged them half price, you know, for the use of the blankets and pillows.

The next morning, I awoke and got my shower. It was still dark out but I had to start my routine, getting the coffee made and the sweet rolls out for the complimentary breakfast, putting The Bethlehem Times newspapers out in the hallways at every door, and all of the other things I have to do every morning. That's when I noticed a commotion out back. There was what sounded to me like a huge choir singing and a real bright light coming through all of the windows. I just knew it was going to wake all of the guest and they would all be complaining. I went outside to check it out and found that the young lady had delivered her baby during the night. She had wrapped him in one of the blankets I had given them and had him lying in a feeding trough that was used for the animals. Boy, that really made me feel bad.

The bright light was coming from a really big star that seemed to have settled right over the barn. I didn't see a choir and when I asked about the singing they explained that it was a choir of angels singing praises to the child. That's when I found out who these people were. If they had only told me who they were when they checked in and what was about to happen. I would have gladly booted that rich couple out of the Presidential Suite to provide a proper place for them to spend the night in comfort, at no charge. Later on that day there were all kinds of people stopping by and bowing down before the kid,,,,,in a stable. People came from all over the countryside, some of them had traveled a long way, just to worship this baby. I could only imagine what bad things these visitors must have been thinking about me for putting them up in that stable. If I had only known when he was coming. Just imagine, I could have been known for the man who accomodated the Mesiah. The whole world would have known my name. Instead, I'll go down in the history books as a no-named man who put Jesus in a stable.

Isn't it a shame that we get all tangled up in the commercialism of Christmas. Feeling obligated to buy meaningless gifts for people that have everything they need, people who would be just as happy with a card or a visit. Promoting Santa Clause more than Christ. Radio stations playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. Artificial Christmas trees on display, and for sale, on November 1st. The percentage of people who really celebrate Christmas for the reason it was meant to be celebrated decreases every year and that saddens me.

The Bible tells us that this same child will be coming back in the clouds just as he left and that no man knows the day, the hour, or the minute, just like the motel manager didn't know. The only advise it provides for us is to watch and be ready. I am, are you?


momstheword said...

What a great post. Yes, I am ready!

Robin said...

Thanks Moms, I do come up with a decent post every now and again, unlike you whose post are great every day. Thanks for the complimemt.