Monday, March 9, 2009

Atlanta Weekend

Mel had to go to Atlanta this past weekend to the SECO conference to get her educational hours to keep her licence current. I drove her down since she hates to drive and it gave me a chance to play with my new Garmin GPS thingy. We went down late Friday evening and the Gar took us right to our motel. It's truly amazing how that thing even knows when the speed limit changes. Anyway, Saturday, Mel had to be in class all day so I drove her in (we stayed out on the perimeter since it was about $50 cheaper per night) and I went back to the room to do a little work. I got logged in to my VPN well enough but once I was on the network I couldn't get the system to come up so I wound up watching TV and napping. When it was time to go back and pick her up I left a little early and drove around the city playing with the Gar. I've wanted one of those things ever since I was in California and had a Hertz rental car with the NeverLost GPS in it. When I picked her up around 5:30pm We went to eat at Ted's Montana Bar & Grill. I had a Bison steak that was wonderful but Mel played it safe and went with the beef. Around 7:30pm we left the truck parked in a public lot near the restaraunt and walked down to the Westin Hotel to catch a shuttle over to the Georgia Aquarium. SECO had reserved the aquarium from 8pm til Midnight for Conference attendees and spouces only. They had also arranged for Kellie Pickler to be there to entertain. She did a great performance and since it was for conference attendees and guest only it was an up close and personal concert. We were only about 15 or 20 feet from her while she sang. I took a few pictures.

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colbymarshall said...

Glad you enjoyed the aquarium...a vet I used to work with is actually one of their 3 staff veterinarians now, so I got a "behind the scenes" tour is a super-neat place!