Monday, February 25, 2008

You're gonna miss this

Browsing a few blogs in my spare time, like Jessi's Three Men and a Mommy and Kelly's Kelly's Krazy Kids along with some of their friend's blogs, I can't help but be amused by the antics of their little ones. It brings back memories of when Josh and Jessi were small and some of the things they did that really drove Melba and me crazy to the point that we needed get away time. I laugh at Jessi quite often and remind her that it's nothing more than payback but it also brings to mind a song playing the country music stations now. It's by Trace Atkins and describes several instances in a young girl's life that has her dad telling her to slow down and enjoy the moment because one day she's "gonna miss this". advise to all of these young people is to heed Trace's advise to slow down and enjoy the moment cause one day you're gonna miss all of the trials you're going through now. Not just with the kids but ALL of the trials and tribulations you think are insurmountable now. Years down the road you'll realize that they're what make you what you become.


Cindy said...

I got some payback on Saturday while shopping with Kelly for Carolines' shoes. See Kelly's blog for the info.

kelly said...

How insightful Uncle Fob! (But I'm still going nuts with the terrible 2s!!!)