Friday, April 18, 2008

Much needed update

I've been instructed, on several occations by several people, to update my blog. What they don't realize is that there is nothing interesting going on at The West House. We are, however, hosting a couple of guys this week which has made for some fun times. Jessi and Johnathan have taken a few days of vacation time (Tuesday thru Saturday) to get some much needed alone time. Every couple needs to do this at least once a year, even if it's just a weekend. We have been entertaining the boys. Let me interject here that there is a reason God gives children to young people. Not that they have been naughty or anything, au contraire, but we have gotten out of the habit a long time ago of having to keep kids that young entertained for that long. Needless to say Mimi and Grandaddy have slept good the last few nights. I think we were more worn out every evening than they were, by far. Once we got used to it again, it wouldn't bother us at all to have them with us all the time. Some of the things they come up with would make it worth all of the tiredness.

Another Interesting thing that I did last week was to take a "guy trip" with the officers of the fire dept. We all went to Indianapolis, IN for FDIC.

That's "Fire Deparetment Instructers Conference" for those that aren't involved in the fire service. It's held in the RCA Dome and Convention Center which is HUGE. Some of you Band-Nerds (Ha Ha) who've been to Grand Nationals know what I mean. Here's what the field should really be used for. To show off a bunch of fire trucks.

We also got to see a celebrity up close and personal. Anybody recognize this fellow?

They even had fire trucks for the fire department that doesn't know if they're coming or going.

You can't go to Indianapolis without going to see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In years past when we were there the teams would be on the track practicing for the Indy 500 which is held on Memorial Day. This time they weren't so we got to take a lap on the track in a tour van. We were hoping to get a glimpse of Danica Patrick but she must have been somewhere doing promotions for Sports Illustrated since she made the swimsuit edition. Anyway, here's a picture of the start/finish line for all of you race fans.

Just imagine, in the early years of the track, the entire track was paved with these bricks. That's where the track nickname "The Brickyard" comes from. That must have been a bumpy ride at the high speeds they travel. Although I'm sure back then the speeds weren't near as fast as they go now. The year we were up there and was able to see them practice, they were making a 2.5 mile lap in just under 45 seconds. I think if my math is right, that calculates to around 230 miles per hour. That's fast!! Anyway, this 2 ft section of bricks is all that remains of the "Brickyard". Just a little trivia.

I think that's just about enough updating for now, how about you??


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Jessi said...

I am shocked!! I'm glad the kiddos wore you out!! :)