Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tucker

Tucker will turn 2 on Monday but we celebrated yesterday with some cake and ice cream. It seems like yesterday when he was in the NICU with tubes going in and coming out every where on his body. It was all I could do just to go in there and see him. I can't imagine how Jessi and Johnathan felt. The first time I went in and saw him, I had to leave and go be by myself with God for a while to talk it out. I offered myself to take his place but he wouldn't let me. I had a really hard time there for a while. Now he's a big boy that loves his Godaddy (he can't quite get Grandaddy out yet so it comes out Godaddy). Here's a few pictures of before and after.



One of the most precious gifts God gives us is time as evidenced in the above Then and Now pictures.

Happy Birthday Tucker.

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