Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach 2008 (part 1)

We had a great time at the beach this year and, as I promised, I've got lots of pictures but we'll get to those in a bit. We arrived Wednesday afternoon around 15:30 and got checked in just in time to spend a little time on the beach before the sun went down. The weather was wonderful Wednesday and Thursday but due to tropical storm Cristobal hanging around about 100 miles off the coast, Friday was mostly cloudy and Saturday was mostly wet.

This was Friday morning.
Noah got a little pink Thursday and the salt water was burning him a bit on Friday so he and I spent most of the day in the pool, Mel stayed on the beach. Saturday, since it was raining, Mel and Noah went to the indoor pool but since we paid about a million dollars for an umbrella and two chairs for three days guess where I spent Saturday,,,,,,,,, you guessed it, on the beach, in the rain. There was no thunder and lightning, just rain and wind and I was going to get wet in the ocean anyway so I wanted to get my money's worth out of that umbrella. It's ridiculous what they charge for those things. I could have went to WalMart and bought an umbrella, two chairs, a beach ball, a volley ball and net, and a couple of boogie boards for what I spent to "rent" the stupid umbrella and chairs. Well,,, not really, but almost.
Anyway, let's start the pictures. Sorry, but I can't figure out how to fix it where you can click on the picture to make them bigger so you'll just have to look at the small ones. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, let me know.
This is the building at Springmaid Beach that we stayed in.

Our fun times on the beach.

I was a little concerned that Hancock (Will Smith) might fly in and grab me by the feet and sling me out into the ocean mistaking me for a beached whale so I tried to stay in an upright position most of the time to keep that from happening.

Tucker wasn't real fond of the waves but he did have a great time in the sand. Noah, on the other hand, loved the ocean, as you can see below.

Here's a good shot of him body surfing.

Some group pictures

Mimi and Grandaddy with the boys.

Three generations.
Mama with her boys.
Cousin Mollie and the boys.
One of our favorite things to do at the beach is to hunt shark's teeth. Here's Mimi teaching Tucker how to find them.

Fun time in the pool Friday morning.

Friday afternoon we went to the convention center to see all of the exhibits. Quite nice for a state show but nothing compared to FDIC in Indy as I show in one of my previous post.

Saturday afternoon we went to Broadway At The Beach.

You can't go to Broadway without feeding the foosh, as Tucker calls them, and the baby ducks.

Me, acting up in one of the shops trying to embarrass Mollie, which isn't hard to do.

This is getting long so I'll continue in another post later......

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Christan Trotter said...

I can always count on your blogs to make me laugh! What's the secret to hunting shark's teeth? I can NEVER find any! I didn't know there were any secrets - please share!