Friday, September 26, 2008

Class of '73

I said I would post pictures of the 35 year reunion of the James F. Byrnes High School "Class of '73" but I only took a few at the football game Friday night. Dumb old me forgot to take my camera Saturday night to the dinner/dance. I'm going to try to get some pictures from a classmate that took some (must have been over 1000) of Saturday's events.

We had a good time but the number of attendees wasn't what I expected. I think maybe there wasn't enough effort made to contact everyone in the class. There were probably 40 or so classmates in attendance, together with our spouses, we probably numbered 65 or 70. I don't think I ever heard an exact count.

I can't remember the last time I was in the same room with that many good looking middle aged women or that many bald headed men. Even the majority of us that could still grow hair had it trimmed so close that we looked bald. Don't know if it's "the style" or if it's just easier to do it that way. As for me, I hate to pay for a haircut so I buzz it myself ( I think it's a rip-off to pay $15 to sit in a barber's chair for 5-10 minutes to get a trim). And,,,,,,,,,,,,, I can wash both my face and my hair with one quick swipe of the washcloth.

The dancing was interesting to watch (notice I said watch). They played a lot of 70's music that was fast and there were a lot of folks out there shaking their booties. Me,,,, I've got so much bootie that when I get it to shaking it's hard to get it to stop so I just don't start it anymore. They also played that Cha-Cha Slide line dance song about a million times. I've gotten to the age that if it ain't slow and I can't rub belt buckles with a member of the opposite sex then I sit and watch. So, that's what I did. Now, don't get me wrong, there were plenty of people out there, including my wife, that had more moves than a checker game at Floyd's Barbershop in Mayberry. But, there were some out on the dance floor that were just thankful they were able to move.

During the dinner, there were the usual gifts given for the most children, most grandchildren, married longest to the same spouse, and the person who traveled the furthest to attend. I tried to win that one by telling them I traveled all the way from Turkey(paw) but it didn't work. We had a guest speaker, Mr. (Coach) Bo Corne and his wife Linda, who both started their teaching careers our freshman year at D.R.Hill Annex. Bo moved on to Byrnes with us the next year. We were the first class to go the full four years of high school after the schools integrated and he alluded to that fact and that, to his recollection, there were no major conflicts that arose from it, at least not in our time at Byrnes. There were a few tense moments but nothing major that the students didn't work out themselves and he applauded us for that. He said that not a week goes by that he doesn't think of some event that took place or have a conversation with someone about an event that happened with his first class (us). He thanked us for the memories that we had given him that will last a lifetime.

Here's a few of the pictures I took at the ballgame Friday night, the last of which is the final score.

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Wow, very cool. Time flies!