Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Times, They Are A Changin!

I was just looking at a photo gallery, Downtown Alive, on the Greenville News' website and a pattern struck me. In about 80% of the pictures there were young people in their 20's and 30's sporting big ole cups of beer. Thinking back to the few times I've attended this event I can remember young couples pushing strollers with a cup of beer in the built-in cup holder on the stroller. Also, couples with one hand holding the hand of a toddler and the other holding a big cup with Budweiser painted all over the side of it with a yellow liquid that had the look of horse tinkle up to the rim of the cup.

Now, I'm not old, not by today's standards anyway, but I'm no spring chicken either. But,,,, I do remember a time when if you drank beer you drank it in the comfort of your own home or at a bar where you parked your car around back where anyone that knew your car wouldn't see it. You never drank it out in public. Now young people don't mind having their picture posted all over the Internet with their beers in hand.

I think I've posted before that I'll soon turn 54 and have never tasted beer. Having said that, let me add that I'm not condemning those that do consume beer. It's not my job to judge. I'm simply asking does it have to be so open and in your face? I can't help but think what are the parents, most of whom are my age and were reared to think like me, thinking when they see pictures all over the Internet of their offspring drinking in public like this. I can't speak to this because I haven't seen any pictures of my kids drinking in public but I think embarrassment is the feeling I would feel.

I guess Peter, Paul, and Mary said it best in a song written by Bob Dylan. "Times, They Are A Changin"