Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Ledgend Gone

Melba just called and said she read in the paper that Dottie Rambo had died this past Sunday in a one vehicle accident involving her tour bus. This may seem strange to some of the younger folks but it feels like I just heard about the death of a family member. No, I didn't know her personally but it feels that way just the same.

Some of the generation behind me may not even know who Dottie Rambo was. Most of them listen to Contemporary Christian artist like Third Day, Jars Of Clay, and a host of others. Not my cup of tea. Dottie was Southern Gospel all the way. We sang a lot of her songs waaaaaaaaaay back when I was a teenager in the Youth Choir at church. One that sticks out immediately in my mind is "Sheltered In The Arms Of God". I think this was the first duet I ever did in front of people. Cindy sang the first verse, I sang the second and we both did the chorus. The younger generation probably sing some of her songs and don't even know it. She had over 2500 copyrited songs that she had written. Can you imagine that, 2500 songs, that's phenominal.

It really makes me feel old when I think of the Southern Gospel legends that I idolized in my teens, and even more recently, that are no longer with us. I grieved for a week when George Yonce died. He was my hero. Every one of the Happy Goodmans are gone. Rusty Goodman was my hero in the 70's. Glen Payne, gone. Kenny Hinson, gone. Rex Nelon, gone. Johnny Cook, gone. Brock Speer, gone. Jake Hess, gone. James Blackwood (not one of most favorites but a ledgend just the same), gone. J.D. Sumner, gone. The list goes on and on.

This probably makes no sense at all to anyone who might read this but it helps me deal with it when I write it down.


Cindy said...

I read your post to Ronnie and we feel the same. When I read about the bus accident my heart was saddened.
Gospel music will always be my pick. I,too,remember singing "Sheltered in the Arms of God" with you. It is and will always be my favorite Gospel song. Perhaps we should find a time to sing it again.
I love you always, Rob-o!


kelly said...

I knew who Dottie Rambo was! Vestal was my favorite though. :-) Can you imagine the heavenly band playing up there right now?!?